Cloud Live Streaming Vehicle Dash Cam - D9

With Real-time Video, Photo, GPS Location & Drive Behavior Data.
All in one Design: DVR + GPS Tracker + Driving Analysis + Cloud.
Suitable For Vehicles, Trucks, School Buses, Taxis


Intelligent Dash Cams for Fleets

Cloud Dash Cams analyze driver behavior in real-time. By sending alerts to platform, these intelligent cameras are proven to improve driver safety and lower fleet costs.

How It Works

Automatically Identifies

Cloud Dash Cam automatically identifies unsafe driving using sensors and computer vision.

Report to Cloud Platform

Cloud Dash Cam alerts driver with in-cab voice coaching and automatically upload alerts video or photo to cloud platform.

Save Cost

Driver scorecards, alert reports, history playback, idle reports make fleet lower cost.

Reduce high-risk driver behavior

Improve driver behavior with a combination of in-cab voice alerts, driver rankings, and HD video-based coaching tools.

Easily investigate complaints and exonerate drivers

Use video evidence to defend your drivers and company from false claims and costly legal battles. Quickly investigate whether or not your driver was at a location at a specific time, and review the footage to see the full story.

Gain visibility into distracted driving

Instantly review collisions and distracted driving events with full HD 720p footage that is automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Remote Monitor

24 Hours Remote Monitor
It will enter the sleep status when engine off
You can receive notification when preset events occur

Dual Cameras Video Recording

The cameras can be simultaneously video recording the scene or accident around and in your car to analyze the drive behavior

Record Best Angle View by 270° Lens Adjustment

No vision block any more, you could adjust the dash camera's suitable recording angel view

Live Video Streaming

Continuous High Resolution Video Recording, Live Video Streaming & replay video at any time

Video Report

Easy to view and play all videos and photos in reports

FTP Support

Automatically upload videos to your FTP server when Wifi network is reachable.

Live Monitor & Save Cost

The video is compressed about 4-5M Bytes in dash cam and then upload to platform to save mobile network bandwidth cost.