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PT502 - 4G GPS Tracker

4G GPS Tracker
Take Photos
Cut Engine Remotely
Fuel Monitoring
Speed Limitation

4G GPS Tracker PT502

4G GPS Tracker
Take Photos
Cut Engine Remotely
Fuel Monitoring
Speed Limitation

Real-Time Tracking

Locate vehicles online or SMS or Mobile APP at anytime anywhere
Playback driving path and get different reports on platform

Take Photo

Take photos by extra cameras
Take photos automatically when alarm triggered
Supports 4 cameras at most

Driver Identification

Make driver identification by extra RFID sets
Manage drivers, record each driver’s driving time and place details

Fuel Monitoring

Support monitoring fuel consumption by extra fuel sensor
Fuel anti-theft, Fuel savings.

Speed Limit & Over-speed On Site Reminder

Limit the speed and cut off oil remotely to stop car by extra relay
Make on site sound by extra buzzer to remind when over-speed

Driving Behavior Analysis

Analyze the driving behavior by hard accelerate alarm or hard brake alarm

Support multi-alarm types

SOS alarm, Cut Power alarm, Low Battery alarm, Speed alarm, Geo-fence alarm, Shake alarm, ACC on/off alarm, Mileage alarm, Fatigue driving alarm, GPS Antenna Cut alarm, Hard Accelerate alarm, Hard Brake alarm, Hard Corning alarm.etc

10 Steps Strict Quality Control

Switch Test
Misuse Test
Fault-tolerant Test
Power Voltage Jitter Test
Storage Test
Aging Test
Low and High Temperature Test
Vibration Test
Ripple Test
Voltage Drop Test


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