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Track, analyze and improve your fleet operations, Reduce downtime.

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Fleet Maintenance Advantages

Easy to use

Clean, consistent, and intuitive user interface makes it easy to understand and begin using our fleet maintenance software to manage your fleet.


Fleetat has all of the features to create a package that will improve your fleet operations based on your business type, users and budget.


Meeting the needs of companies of all sizes, Fleetsoft software will grow with you as your fleet size and business requirements grow.

Great Support

Our staff receives praise for their personalized customer support. Available on the phone or email during business hours.

In-House Development

Never static, our software is continually improved with new features that are requested by our users improving our software.

Vehicle Maintenance

Track your Vehicles and Assets data to maximize value and to minimize costs through our fleet management software. Store the detailed vehicle information and track vehicle maintenance history.

Work Orders

Improve the efficiency of your fleet repairs with detailed service and parts cost tracking. Work Orders management allows you to track your work order flow with multiple statuses and add service reminders.

Dashboard & Reports

Run a Total Cost Report and other fleet maintenance data to making critical decisions for your fleet management. Perform queries to filter reporting proving only specific criteria to meet your business needs.

Vehicle Assignments

Easy to assign operator to vehicle by drag & drop.

Fleet Operations

The Fleetat Maintenance platform helps you control the chaos of fleet operations from anywhere, reduce vehicle downtime, improve safety.

Functions: Inspections, Issue Tracking, Work Orders, Fuel Management, Maintenance History, Inventory Management and Reporting & Analytics.


Easy to manage service or vehicle reminders, simply drag and drop. Get upcoming or past due vehicle maintenance alerts, Tire Life, Reported Problems, Licensing and Permits, etc. E-mail and Message Reminders are sent when a new reminder is detected.

Quickly inspect assets and resolve issues

An electronic alternative and modern vehicle Inspection form, submission & check list for operator.

Parts Inventory

Parts Inventory Management maintains and optimizes your parts inventory by defining parts and tracking their flow in and out of inventory, which are vital to your fleet maintenance operations.