Bofan is a professional and experienced manufacturer for Fleet management products. We also offer global customized service, in essence our job is to make your job easier. We have a proven ability to OEM/ODM the products which would help your business.

ODM/OEM Process

Hardware Customization

Metal box, Logo, Interface, Accessories etc.

Firmware & Platform Customization

Solutions, Features, API, Database, Medias etc.

Inquiry, Product Planning & Development

Please inform us of your inquiry on prescription and specification
We will make prescription according to your product concept and targeting market, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

Pre-production Sample at Laboratory

Your request for product plan will become actual shape
We will make pre-production samples based on your needs, finally to meet your request. It will take 3 to 4 weeks from purchasing materials till outputting pre-production samples.

Trial Production Sample

We will verify if the samples fit into mass production or not.
We will manufacture the trial product at mass production line, and verify the commercial reality of the product.

Aging Test & Development Test

We will do Aging Test and development test, drop test, high and low pressure test, high and low temperature test

Mass Production till Delivery

We will manufacture the product under the strict control of production process and quality.
We will have a variety of product inspections at the production line, and deliver the product after the product inspections are cleared.