GPS Tracker Manufacturer, Offering All-in-One Fleet Management

We can assist you in managing, tracking, and maintaining your fleet with cloud-based software, all without the need for a long-term contract.

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A comprehensive solution for recording and managing your fleet assets.

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 assets, we provide everything you need to manage a fleet of cars, trucks, vans, semis, trailers, and heavy equipment. We are not just software designers; we are also hardware manufacturers.

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All-In-One Software

Experience the power of unified software designed to assist fleets in managing, tracking, and optimizing their entire operations in real-time.

Built for Collaboration

Empower every member of your fleet to contribute to its success with unlimited users and flexible permissions.


With a mobile-first design and a clean, intuitive user interface, our fleet software is easy to understand and use. Streamline your fleet management effortlessly.


4G GPS Vehicle Tracker


4G GPS Vehicle Tracker


Fleet Management Software


At Your Service

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Experience live GPS tracking with the ability to playback at any time. Monitor your fleet using geofences and receive overspeed alerts in real-time.


Comprehensive Fleet Management Software

Efficiently manage your fleet assets, handle maintenance tasks, and dispatch jobs seamlessly.


Trusted GPS Tracker Manufacturer

Benefit from our robust R&D capabilities and a strong supply chain, backed by 10 years of experience.


See what our customers are saying


Truly and completely satisfied. I would not choose ANY other software. I have worked with them for almost 3 years and have implemented it across 3 different fleets with little to no issues.


I absolutely love this company. Compared to our previous provider, everything is easier, faster, and quicker to learn. The software is simple and self-explanatory, which was a must for our organization.


Generally, this software is very intuitive. It is easy to locate functions within the application, and everything is very user-friendly.


Overall, a good experience. It allows me to track my drivers' location and mileage, along with keeping my drivers DOT compliant.


Awesome! Really liked working with my rep, and the software did some amazing things. Ease of use while using the interface, plus the availability at any time, anywhere. We are very happy with our selection.


Live tracking of my fleet, drivers drive instead of writing paper logs, instant insight into safety issues, and geofencing.

Scales from small fleets to large enterprises

Blending user-friendly design with enterprise-grade security, scalability, and flexibility, our solution delivers impactful results to customers of all sizes.

OEM/ODM Manufacturer

With 10 years of experience in designing and developing vehicle-mounted electronic and GPS products, we meet all customer demands, including OEM/ODM collaborative requirements. Our one-stop service, covering product design, development, mass production, and prompt shipment, offers you quality products and exceptional services.


Secure and Open APIs

Custom hierarchies and role-based administration
Open developer APIs
Enterprise security including Single Sign-On (SSO)

We will continue to take a rigorous approach to protecting our customers' valuable data.

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