BLE Positioning System

The BLE Positioning System is a cutting-edge solution designed for seamless location tracking and data connectivity in various environments. Comprising three key components, namely the BLE Gateway, Long Battery Life Bluetooth Beacon, and Card-type Tag, this system leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to provide accurate positioning and real-time data transmission.


BLE Gateway

The BLE Gateway serves as the central hub for interacting with BLE-enabled devices, such as smart bracelets and heart rate belts. With support for Bluetooth 4.0 and above, the gateway efficiently collects data from up to 80 concurrent tags and wirelessly transmits it over distances of 20-30 meters. Its versatile transmission modes, including RJ45 and WiFi, ensure seamless connectivity, while the use of HTTP, TCP, and MQTT protocols facilitates efficient data transfer to the IoT cloud.

Gateway Specification

BLE Gateway Introduction - Rapidly Connect Your BLE Beacons/Sensors/Tags to the IoT Cloud

BLE Gateway is primarily designed for interacting with devices that have BLE capabilities and uploading data to the cloud.

Device Requirements:

  • Bluetooth must be at least Bluetooth 4.0, such as smart bracelets, smart heart rate belts, etc. Traditional Bluetooth devices like Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headphones are not supported.
  • Minimum mobile operating system requirements: iOS 7.0+/Android 4.3+.

Technical Specifications:

Power SupplyDC 5V - 12V
Collection Capacity80 concurrent tags
Wireless Distance20-30m (distance is affected by the environment)
Supported DevicesiOS 7.0+/Android 4.3+ (Bluetooth hardware must be 4.0)
Transmission ModeRJ45/WiFi
Transmission ProtocolsHTTP/TCP/MQTT
Installation Method3M adhesive, screw fixation
WeightApproximately 108g

BLE Gateway Technical Specifications:

  • Product Functions:

    • Scan Bluetooth signals and transmit scanned data via TCP, HTTP, or MQTT through the network port to the server.
  • Product Features:

    • DC 5V-12V power supply, aesthetically pleasing.
    • Gateway configuration app for local IP, server IP, address configuration, and firmware over-the-air upgrades.

Use Cases - Indoor Positioning:

  • Used for indoor positioning of personnel or assets.
  • Scans BLE broadcasts from tags or wristbands, uploading data to the cloud via TCP/HTTP/MQTT.

Use Cases - IoT Sensors:

  • Connects various sensors to the cloud.
  • Scans BLE broadcasts from temperature/heart rate/blood pressure devices, uploading data to the cloud via TCP/HTTP/MQTT.

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Long Battery Life Bluetooth Beacon

The Long Battery Life Bluetooth Beacon, powered by Nordic's latest nRF52 chip, emits low-power Bluetooth signals at user-defined intervals. With Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities, IPX8 waterproofing, and an impressive 8-year battery life, this beacon is ideal for applications such as indoor navigation, personnel positioning, and information push in diverse settings like train stations, hospitals, and large shopping malls.

Long Battery Life Bluetooth Beacon

Features: Bluetooth 5.0 IPX8 Waterproof 8-Year Battery Life Transmission Distance: 130 meters Details: Product Name: Ultra Long Standby Bluetooth Beacon Chip Model: Nordic nRF52 Series Product Size: 60x22mm Bluetooth Protocol: BLE 5.0 Operating Temperature: -20°C to +80°C Color: White Material: ABS Net Weight: 56g Waterproof Level: IP68 Installation Method: 3M Adhesive, Screws, Cable Ties Battery: Disposable Lithium-ion Battery 4000mAh Battery Life: Approximately 8 years under 1s broadcast every 2 seconds Wireless Distance: Approximately 130 meters in open space Supported Functions: iBeacon/SDK/APP Configuration

Card-type Tag

The Card-type Tag, featuring a sleek design, offers an aesthetic solution for personnel positioning. Available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions, this tag emits low-power Bluetooth signals, supporting Bluetooth 5.0 and higher versions. With applications ranging from visitor management to real-time positioning, the Card-type Tag is a versatile solution for indoor personnel tracking in large venues.

Card-type Tag

Features: Bluetooth 5.0 LED Light Button Functionality Accelerometer Details: Product Name: Card-type tag Chip Model: Nordic nRF52 Series Product Size: 104x64x4.7mm Bluetooth Protocol: BLE 5.0 Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C Color: White/Black Material: ABS Net Weight: Approximately 30g Waterproof Level: IP67 Installation Method: Hanging Rope Battery: Rechargeable Version - 400mAh (Wireless Charging) Battery Life: Fully charged, broadcasting twice per second, approximately 1 year Wireless Distance: Approximately 80 meters Supported Functions: Button/LED Light/Power-Saving Mode/Long-term Standby (Shipping Mode)/Accelerometer/NFC/Motor/AOA/High-capacity Storage/Main Control Chip

Use Cases

The BLE Positioning System finds applications in indoor positioning of personnel or assets, as well as connecting various sensors to the cloud for IoT applications. Whether it's scanning BLE broadcasts from tags for indoor positioning or interfacing with Bluetooth base stations for personnel tracking, this system provides a robust solution for diverse use cases.



Integrating with GPS Tracking Software FMS.