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FMS provides a wide range of cost effective and reliable real-time GPS tracking systems, devices and trackers for vehicles and assets.
Helping business better manage and track for fleets of all sizes, reduce accidents, white Label and cloud-based real-time GPS tracking software.

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Fleet Management Advantages

Easy to use

Clean, consistent, and intuitive user interface makes it easy to understand and begin using our fleet maintenance software to manage your fleet.


FMS has all of the features to create a package that will improve your fleet operations based on your business type, users and budget.


Meeting the needs of companies of all sizes, Our software will grow with you as your fleet size and business requirements grow.

Great Support

Our staff receives praise for their personalized customer support. Available on the phone or email during business hours.

In-House Development

Never static, our software is continually improved with new features that are requested by our users improving our software.

Start Tracking Business Today

FMS is white Label and cloud-based real-time GPS tracking software, open your tracking business within few minutes today.


Create unlimited geofences to run your business. Know when a vehicle has entered or exited your defined areas. A simple way to confirm service calls.


Empower your clients to research what happened, even if it wasn't noticed live. Think of the playback feature as your personal time machine.


Follow your fleet's progress with more than 18 different reports. With a few clicks, get mileage by state, idle times, or aggressive driving reports.

Supported Devices

Support about 300 popular tracking devices from all over the world, whatever your existing devices or new devices, it's very easy to report and manage in one platform.
Support most of popular suppliers: Teltonika, Atrack, Meitrack, Concox, Coban etc.
Support JT/T 808 & JT/T 1078 protocols.


Create custom alerts based on speed, location, hours of operation and receive notifications via text or email. Even send the alerts to multiple users.

Task, weekly reports and customize the reports

Send notification or report link by email automatically.

Alert notification by email, sms, http web hook & WhatsApp (optional).

Save report as files like HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV, KML and save in your local computer forever.

Customize the report if the existing reports can’t meet your demand.

Track Your Fleet's Fuel Usage

Fuel Monitoring, Fuel Used, Refuel & Times, Leakage & Times, Fuel Monitoring based on data list and chart.

Driver Management

Support Driver Identification by RFID, prevent unauthorized vehicle use

Using Driver Scorecards to Improve Your Fleet's Performance

Live Video & Local Playback

Support Live Video and SD card (Hard disk) local video playback if device supports JT/T 808 & JT/T 1078 protocols

Customers from 35 different countries

More than 10 years R&D experience and welcomed by customers from all over the world

White label

Customize your tracking platform with your own domain, logo, company name, contact email, language etc.

Powerful API

Provide API endpoints for interacting with Cloud, so that you can build powerful applications and custom solutions.

Cloud based fleet management

Based on AWS cloud datacenter, uptime 99.9% guarantees, DDoS protection, elastic cloud supports unlimited increase of devices

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